Giving kids a voice




Hi Sticky TV,

I really liked your idea of making a tea towel tote bag. So, I choose a tea towel and one of dads old ties then used my Nan's sewing machine to make my own.It was lots of fun! I've attached a picture of me with my totally awesome tote bag.

Thank you for my pillow pet dog I love it! It was a big surprise when I got home from school. From Tayla

Here is Vince Jackson Walker eating the jelly oranges he made and ate after seeing them on your show on Friday :-)

This is Mahi and she loves watching sticky tv specially can you....ur challenge.. And she was trying to do your challenge n she is 3 yrs 4months n jst recently started pre-school in Invercargill...

“Thumbs Up! Maxx loving Sticky TV! He called it Stucky TV as he stuck with you guys for life! Fave man is Walter!”


Hi my name is Kaziah Roberts, i am 6 years old, i live in Pongakawa Te Puke.  i love art and i saw your caterpillar and made one of my own. Heres a picture of it.

These are my 3 sons enjoying their fruit smoothies :-) We made them today, straight after watching the magic hands make one on sticky TV. Thanks for the great idea!!! The boys really enjoyed their yummy, healthy afternoon tea and we'll be sure to make them more often as it's so easy. 

Sebby wants to share a photo of the Lego car he built after watching the Lego car races on Sticky TV.