The show built a loyal audience (ages preschool to 12 years) through an inclusive style that is both educational and fun. The show truly connects with its viewers, who are encouraged to actively participate in challenges and reality-style segments just for them. There is also an advice segment backed by the children's helpline What's Up, and a strong social media presence. 

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Meet the newest superhero Mãia the Brave – she loves going on adventures and helping kids to be brave. Facing up to scary situations is part of growing up, and as much as we want to protect kids, there are some things they just need to do for themselves. Mãia the Brave is a fun new series that empowers preschool viewers to overcome their fears.



TIKI TOUR (Kidzone channel)

Get aboard the Tiki Tour Bus and have fun exploring New Zealand with the presenters and their cartoon friends. Education and entertainment are completely intertwined, with learning methods drawn from the latest educational research, targeting 0-5 year-olds. The show is so much fun for kids that they won't realise how much they are learning.

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A series of hilarious 5 minute problem-solving animations.  Focused on comedy and drama, series hero Little Monstar is challenged to solve her own problems.  With the help of her whanau and dog Woof, she tries very hard to make the right choices.  Little Monstar loves to have fun and lives life to the full.  Young children can identify with her and the situations she is faced with.  Viewers learn from her actions and resulting consequences encouraging them to stop and think before they act.

JUST IMAGINE (Kidzone channel)

Using a mixture of beautifully filmed live action and animation, viewers are introduced to a child presenter, who uses their imagination to step into their very own drawing, taking viewers on an exciting kiwi adventure jammed full of native flora and fauna, and kiwi icons. The voice-over guides us through the episode from the child's point of view, with the excitement and passion that imagination brings to young children.

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Funky, highly interactive and innovative television, seamlessly weaving “back to basics” values and education, with new ways to engage young viewers, including lots of singing, dancing and interaction. The NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki, is integrated smoothly into the show, to reflect the learning style of early childhood centres.  


An innovative series encouraging preschool children to spring off their sofas and enter a world of action and animation. The show is lively and highly interactive. Simple animated characters join in with presenter Rob, to engage viewers with their vibrant energy. Each episode incorporates a range of unique music and dance activities. 


Pickled Possum Productions produces the interstitial live action segments, focusing on young children getting up and joining in. The interstitials are placed around locally produced and international favourite shows on the channel. The presenters Morgan and Kayne take young children on fun imaginary adventures, create artwork, food, dances and songs, full of action-fuelled activities.