About Us

Intelligent TV giving kids a voice

Pickled Possum Productions makes innovative and fresh children's TV for New Zealand youth aged zero to twelve years.

The preschool programming is carefully crafted for the most special audience of zero to five year olds. Each programme has an early childhood specialist advisor to ensure programmes are age and developmentally appropriate.

For the older school age audience, Sticky TV has an experienced team of producers, directors, writers, presenters, consultants and technical crew who make the show the popular 5 day a week show it is.  

Every programme from Pickled Possum Productions focuses on the 3 main languages of Aotearoa, and consultants work with presenters to make this a seamless integration.  For the first time on mainstream TV, sign language is being integrated into the animation shows.

About Mary

Award-winning producer Mary Phillips has developed and produced many programmes for children and youth in both the New Zealand and overseas markets.  Mary's early career was in education for 12 years which gave her a solid base in knowing and understanding children.

She began her writing career with You and Me (TV3's innovative preschool show) in 1992.  Mary went on to become Director then producer for 4 years.  She then developed, directed and produced Suzy’s World, the award-winning science show for 5 to 8 year olds, with New Zealand icon Suzy Cato. Mary also produced The Shelley T Turtle Show, aimed at early school-aged children, for the PBS in the USA.

Pickled Possum Productions was formed in 2002 as Mary created TV3’s daily youth show, Sticky TV, currently in its 16th season, aimed at 5 to 12 year olds.  A edutainment style of Sticky TV is used to connect intelligently with the audience, aiming to provide NZ youth with the tools to spring into action after the TV is turned off.  The youth audience are the stars of the show.  

Preschool series The Go Show, was created for TVNZ in 2005, followed by Action Central for TV3, a mixed-animation live action preschool programme. Mary created and produced the preschool umbrella programming for TVNZ6 digital, Kidzone, which produced nine series. Pickled Possum co-produced the TVNZ preschool show Tiki Tour, now with a spin off show called Little Monstar, as well as a new show for Kidzone 24 called Just Imagine.

The latest show, Maia the Brave, has received critical acclaim by both children and parents.

Mary’s background in education reflects positively with both children and parents as she seamlessly interweaves fun and learning. Mary is not only passionate about quality children’s TV, but her level of craft in all areas of production ensures the programmes are age and developmentally appropriate with a huge dose of intelligence. 

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